Universe Science Research Foundation

Universe Science Research Foundation (USRF) – Non-for- Profit Private Foundation based in US, was founded by  International group of committed, dedicated and informed scientists, researchers, doctors, scholars, and groups of Autism Foundation , Indigo groups for the purpose of investigating into realms normally beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurements.

This individuals have gathered to facilitate the goals of the Foundation, conduct progressive and cutting edge scientific Research and Development of the Universe Science, to provide advocacy and public education for public interests and concerns related to the Health and the Environment.

Today USRF continues to be the premier information resource for discerning scholars and advanced researchers on the frontiers of science and awareness.
Main project of the Foundation is Oak Grove Academy. It’s primary function the build communication bridge “Indigo Evolution” between Autistik, Indigo,  Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed children@adult and commited, dedicated and informed Scientists, Researchers, Doctors, Engineers @ Scholars who can see normaly beyond the range of basic human perception and physical measurements.

Advancement and preservation of Lost Science, so one can advance his/hers own education. With enough thought, this knowledge of Lost Science can be recovered in precisely the way it was intended to be.


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